Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chapter 8 Summary with chapter 9 and 8 response

Chapter 8 is about Jon Ronson trying to understand and come to a conclusion of what the perfect type of madness is for the media. He talks to two main people in this chapter: Rachel North and David Shayler. Rachel North was a victim of a car bombing in which David Shayler believed was a government conspiracy. David Shayler was all sorts of crazy and believed in multiple government conspiracies as well as he being the Messiah. From Ronson's encounters with Shayler, Ronson came to the conclusion almost everyone is worried about becoming mad and that the perfect type of media crazy are people who are just just enough crazier than the normal person. Also from this conclusion he came to the decision that everyone was trying so hard to be normal that it was making them crazy, and by "serving up the crazy" journalists and media people were showing normal people how not to act.

Finally! Ronson understands that he should not have access to the Hare Checklist! Who looks themselves up on google? I Love the paragraph on page 192. You really get a sense of how paranoid and slightly crazy he is. He's trying to convince us he's not crazy, but at the same time making himself sound crazier. I wonder how people become as crazy as Shayler, and how they can truly think that they are the Messiah. I don't really like how Ronson just sort of throws stories at you and then ties them together at the end of the chapter, it's kind of frustrating and also makes it somewhat difficult to understand what his point is and where he is going with it.

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