Monday, October 17, 2011

the next blog assignment due

In Chapter 7 Jon Ronson realizes that him possessing the power to identify psychopaths may actually be making him conjure up psychopaths in his mind. He wants the people he is interviewing to fit the profile of a psychopath so he makes them fit the checklist specifications. Ronson seeks out a women who is doing something similar to Ronson--she is deducing how crazy someone is by the types of medication they are on. Her names Charlotte and she is doing it for the television show she works on. It results in a man killing himself from being on the show, where she has cast him, because he was "just crazy enough."

Chapter 6 just confirms my previous thoughts on how Charlie Sheen is a psychopath. I am really happy that the whole "diagnosing people as psychopaths" thing almost back-fired in Ronson's face -- unfortunately almost. It would have been amusing if Al Dunlap freaked out about Bob Hare's checklist, but instead it seemed to me that Al Dunlap was almost proud of being named a psychopath. He knew those qualities were part of the checklist yet he still went on to make them sound like good traits in his personality, which I found strange.
This stupid psychopathic checklist has everyone going mad. In chapter 7 he taught his wife how to use the checklist and now she too is deciding whether people are psychopaths or not! But finally!, he has realized that the psychopath checklist is making him MAKE people be psychopaths (as in the way Ronson views them, not actually making people kill each other). The last sentence of chapter 7 says "at least I haven't done anything as bad as Charlotte has done." I think that is probably foreshadowing.

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