Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Research Question:Blog Assignment 4

Is alcoholism genetic environmental, or based on something else?

I stole this idea from you, sorry, but when I heard you mention the question in class I became extremely interested. My father is an alcoholic as well as a few of my relatives from my mother's side; but they don't admit it. So, when you came up with the question in class I started thinking more and more about it because if in fact alcoholism IS genetic, well i have a pretty darn high risk of becoming one. Now if it is environmental my risk is greatly lowered. Otherwise I was also thinking about the research question 'Is homosexuality genetic or environmental?' Once again I have family history with this topic. My uncle, great uncle, and a few cousins are gay so researching this topic would be fun and explain why I have so many gay people in my family--assuming that it is genetic. I'm not quite sure that either of these topics actually have answers, more like theories or assumptions so my question might never actually be answered. I have never written a research paper so I don't exactly know how you go about acquiring sources. The internet would be the easiest, but also the most unreliable I would think. For these topics I think books and other people's research papers would be the best place to start looking for information on these topics.

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